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About Me


About Me

Hello! I’m Maham Naveed, your dietitian and Founder of “Diet_Planner”. I am Currently Working for Awareness in Community Regarding Health and as a Nutrition activist & Lifestyle Influencer.

We provide online Customized Diet Plans and Home-Based workouts for services like: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, PCOD, Thyroid Management, Gastrointestinal disorders ,Diabetes, Diet for Nursing & Post-Partum mothers and other Chronic disease management.

Meet My Fitness Program

Our Personalized Dietplans are Easy-to-Follow and Economical, No fancy diet or medications. All programs Will be customized according to client’s physical conditions, body needs, food availabilities and preferences. You have to choose from following programs


This is designed for people who are Confused on which Diet Package is more Reliable for them so that They can Invest in the best Program According to their Body type OR for people who want to have a Detailed Discussion on healthy and Mindful eating in order to Evolve a Healthy Lifestyle.

Why Choose Us

We are Trying to Build a Healthier Future for people. My experience & knowledge have helped many patients adopt healthy life styles. We provide totally Healthy and Balanced Diet Plans Including All Food groups.

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